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Due to a change in how ZDoom and GZDoom handle duplicate actor definitions, many of the Doomzone patches are now broken when using the development builds of the port. I am currently working on updating Doom Gaiden's coding to help it run easier with Doomzone, as well as the patch code.

During this time, I urge everyone who supports my work - If you find something is broken before I do, PLEASE send me a bug report, so I can fix it. This is going to be a long process, and I'm working as quickly as I can, so any help with identifying bugs is GREATLY appreciated.

In the meantime, I have released an emergency update for Doomzone, v1.5.2a. Changelog is as follows:

-- Changes --
  • New sprites for VC8 Shotgun Pistol. (Credit: Kirbip4, CaptainJ)
-- Additions --
  • Dark Cacodemon has been given an XDeath state. (Credit: David G)
  • Hell Warrior has been given an XDeath state. (Credit: David G)
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Fixed Stova reverting to old sprites when using melee or grenades.
  • Removed blue pixels near Baron and Hell Knight's feet in their XDeath states.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Skulltag grenade to spawn when using a weapon with HE Grenades, instead of the custom grenade in GZDoom dev builds.

That is all.

Update - 12:08 PM: All the patches should be up-to-date now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Update - 10/18/16 09:08 AM: There are known issues with the flashlights not illuminating the surrounding area very well. This is a problem with GZDoom itself, and a known one at that. Currently, there is nothing I can do to fix this, but I am exploring alternative solutions to the hitscan based flashlight. In the meantime, all I can do is wait for the new light code to be reverted, according to the devs.

News: 10/02/16

Doomzone v1.5.2 has been released! Changelog follows, as usual.

-- General Changes --
  • Elite and Slipgater no longer carry the StA-18 pistol.
  • StA-18/SE reload sequence added. (Credit: JoeyTD & Sgt. Shivers, silentzorah [animation])
  • UAC S3 Plasma Rifle reload sequence changed.
  • M82/SE reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah [animation])
  • StA-52/SE reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, Chronoteeth, silentzorah [animation])
  • StA-59B reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah [animation])
  • LS57 reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah [animation])
  • StA-11/SE reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Railgunner, silentzorah)
  • M224-A1/A2 reload sequence added. (Credit: HellCattX, Railgunner, silentzorah)
  • MG-88 reload sequence added. (Credit: Mike12, Captain J, Railgunner, silentzorah)
  • M66 reload sequence added. (Credit: Mike12, Eriance, silentzorah [animation])
  • StA-14 reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah)
  • VC8 reload sequence added. (Credit: Captain J, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah)
  • StA-3 sprites changed and reload sequence added. (Credit: osjclatchford, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah)
  • LSR44 sprites changed and reload sequence added. (Credit: Doom Nukem, silentzorah, Skulltag Team)
  • LSR44 charge animation improved.
  • LSR44 now fires a weak shot immediately upon trigger release if the weapon did not finish charging.
  • VC-32 sprites recolored to gray polymer, and reload cycle added. (Credit: Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, Captain J, silentzorah, Cory Whittle, TheDarkArchon, TODM)
  • M33 reload sequence added. (Credit:Captain J, Doom Nukem, Carbine Dioxide, silentzorah)
  • Weapons no longer illuminate the environment with the flashlight active and reloading.
  • Accelerator rifle charge sequence now cancels the instant you release the trigger, before it's fully charged.
  • Arachnotanks now fire two rounds at once, instead of one.
  • Sniper rifles no longer eject invisible casings when firing while scoped.
  • MP5 zombie marine skin changed to a female trooper.
  • M224-A1 zombie marine skin changed to a female marine.
  • Pulver zombie skin changed to a female sergeant.
  • Plasma Z-Sec skin changed to a female trooper.
  • SMG Z-Sec skin changed to a sergeant.
  • Carbine Z-Sec HP increased from 40 to 50.
  • Confirmation message added to Hardcore difficulty.
  • Dynamic lighting added to proximity mines while armed.
  • Removed some unused weapon sprites.
  • All weapon sprites converted to PNG format.
-- Additions --
  • New Weapon: SA-92 Pistol. Better damage than the StA-18, but won't fire as quickly. Starter weapon for Elite. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New Weapon: Q-4B Blaster. Weak but chargable plasma blaster pistol with infinite ammo. Starter weapon for Slipgater. (Credit: Mor'ladim)
  • Added compatibility features for use with Spawn v1.0 (Yo Dave, it's Jay, not Richard)
-- Bug Fixes --
  • UAC Elite can no longer pick up the M82SE if dropped by another player in Deathmatch/Co-Op.
  • LSR44 obituary changed to correctly reflect its new name.
  • Ammo counters for the Shredder now correctly change colors.
  • M82 now sets the correct cursor when selecting the weapon as Tactician, if it's currently set to EGLM mode.
  • Killing a monster with A_KillMaster in its death state summoned by an Archvile no longer kills said Archvile.
  • Cyber Barons now play the correct sprites when being raised by an Archvile.
  • Cyborgs now correctly face their target when firing.
  • The Unmaker's ammo count now correctly changes colors.
  • Performing a trigger reload with the UAC11 no longer inserts the first shell slowly.
  • Arachnotank now correctly faces its target while firing.
  • M224-A3 now uses the correct frames when triggering melee.

Head on over to the Doom Wads section to pick up the update. Additionally, I've released a patch for Doomzone to run with The Doom Tribute Project (HIGHLY recommended, even without Doomzone), and have updated the Doom Gaiden patch so that I don't have to update it every time I release a new version of Doomzone. So grab those, too.

News: 08/25/16

Doomzone v1.5.2 is in the works, but it's a while before it gets released. In the meantime, keep your eye on this new indie game soon to be released, called "BUTCHER." If you like Doom, think about how it would play as a super-violent platformer, and there you go. A love letter to the early 90s, BUTCHER brings all the fast, frantic action of the 90s games you love, with a significant level of challenge, to boot. It's even got all your favorite weapons, including the legendary chainsaw, infamous railgun, and of course, a super powerful grenade launcher. IMO, looks pretty good, so you should check it out.

BUTCHER releases in Fall 2016.

Update: 08/10/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.5.1! Changelog is lengthy, so let's just jump right into it.

-- General Changes --
  • Ammo counter extended to the right by five pixels. Ammo counts no longer overlap icons.
  • Infantry renamed to Support.
  • Commander renamed to Tactician.
  • Rifleman renamed to Marksman.
  • Support can now acquire and use the Scattergun (Slot 5).
  • HUD now only displays Arc Cannon mods and underslung launcher ammo when the weapon is selected.
  • Enforcer Marine now has a delay between bursts.
  • Stova Z-Sec now has a delay between bursts.
  • Tactician's StA-52 is now equipped with the MASS.
  • Tactician's M82 is now equipped with the EGLM.
  • Removed limping when at low HP.
  • Demolition's StA-11 is now equipped with the MASS.
  • Marksman can now use the M33.
  • Marksman's StA-52 is now equipped with the EGLM. Because he lacked a good explosive.
  • ARM 27 Prox Launcher direct projectile damage reworked.
  • Recon can now use the VC1 Flamethrower and VC21 Boltgun.
  • Mancubus altfire given to new enemy, the Behemoth (uses original DZ Mancubus sprites).
  • Hitbox size for plasma balls reduced.
  • Arachnotron spreadfire attack removed.
  • StA-2 Grenade Launcher and VC21 Boltgun muzzle flash changed.
  • Stimulants and Armor Shards now give 5 points of health or armor.
  • New sounds are applied to player pawns when they die, including a weapon drop and body impact.
  • HP, Armor, and Ammo counters now turn yellow and red when low and depleted/critical.
  • Zombie HP rebalanced as follows:
    • Troopers - 20
    • Sergeants - 30
    • Z-Secs - 40
    • Heavies - 40
    • Snipers - 40
    • Marines - 50
    • Cyborgs - 60
    • Commandos - 70
    • Cyborg Commandos - 80
    • Suicide Bombers - 80
  • Nailborg translation changed to gray.
  • Lengthened the duration between bursts for the Stova Z-Sec from 2 frames to 6 frames.
  • Took away hitscan zombies' glasses (nerfed accuracy).
-- Additions --
  • Porta-Kit system added. Pick up portable med kits and armor repair kits from supply barrels, carry up to three of each. Default keys are [G] for med kits and [H] for armor kits. You may need to edit your key bindings.
  • New weapon: StA-59B Pulver. Heavy assault rifle with underslung missile launcher. For Support. (Credit: Mike12)
  • New enemy: Pulver Marine. Attacks with three round bursts from the StA-59B Pulver.
  • New enemy: Behemoth. It's a mancubus, but with explosive shots. Hardcore and above.
  • LS13 now has an alternate fire mode for UAC Elite (Frag rounds).
  • UAC S3 now has an alternate fire mode (Airburst plasma).
  • New enemy: Arachnotank. If you thought it was bad being assaulted with twin plasma guns, try twin rocket launchers and side mounted AA guns. Hardcore and above. (Credit: Master of Disasters)
  • New enemy: Shotborg. Like a nailborg, but with the Sweeper shotgun. Replaces the Sweeper Zombie. Fires a grenade on Hardcore and above.
  • New enemy: Cyborg. Nailborg with red armor, fires laser bolts in two round bursts. Reference to the Light Guard / Enforcer enemies from Quake 2 / Quake.
  • New corpses have been added to the dead shotgun guy spawner.
  • Added GLDEFS support for KDiZD's Hell's Fury fireball.
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Guns no longer crash the game when you try to deselect with the flashlight active.
  • Armor sets now properly give MultiRocket ammunition.
  • Rifleman no longer gets spammed constantly with error text from ACS script. (My bad.)
  • Decals for the Arc Rifle and the Thunderbolt are no longer applied to walls outside the weapon's range.
  • Heavy can now pick up the Minigun, as he was supposed to in the last update.
  • Hastesphere's dynamic lighting no longer clips through the floor.
  • Corrected the Arachnotron's projectile offsets so they would be fired from the correct barrels.
  • Chaingun's reload sound now stops when the reload cycle is interrupted with the melee key.
  • Stova Z-Sec now plays the correct sound when using the shotgun on Hardcore.
  • Removed SpawnID from Comet projectile, due to incompatibility with Ultimate Simplicity (or its HUD fixed version).
  • Removed unused Super Shotgun zombie sprites (conflict when running with Ultimate Torment & Torture).
  • Terrain sound data is no longer displayed as textures for some mods.
-- Loadout Changes --
  • Support
    9-Arc Rifle
  • Gunner
  • Marksman
    7-Sniper Rifle
    8-Suppressed Sniper Rifle
  • Recon
    3-Assault Rifle

XTerra also brings us an update for QuakeStyle ZX. Another lengthy changelog, guy's always busy-busy-busy.

  • *Multi-Grenade launcher (Slot 9, uses 5 grenades and fires a big cluster 'nade that explodes into five little 'nades, which also explode)
  • +++Chaingun (slight damage increase, reduced spinup time, accuracy buff)
  • ++Shotgun (Considerably tighter spread, damage slightly dropped)
  • ++Pistol (damage and accuracy buff)
  • ++Knife (attack speed increase, reach increase)
  • +DMC (AoE buff...stay well away from that ball!)
  • +Rocket launcher (slight AoE buff, altered animation)
  • +Assault rifle (damage and accuracy upped slightly)
  • +Suppressor pistol (damage and accuracy buff)
  • +Rifle (animation improved, RoF increase, slight damage nerf)
  • +MRL (AoE increase)
  • +Destructor (AoE increase, mild buff)
  • +Phalanx (No longer forces gibbing, AoE increase)
  • +Super nailgun (slight RoF increase)
  • =IonRipper (slight name change)
  • =Grenade launcher (animation modded, very, VERY slight RoF increase?)
  • =Prox launcher (autoaim removed)
  • -Blaster (RoF decrease, projectile speed increase)
  • -Machinegun (slight accuracy decrease)
  • -Plasma beam (damage nerf)
  • -Burst pistol (mild damage nerf)
  • -Perforator (accuracy reduction)
  • -Auto shotgun (spread loosened a bit, mild damage nerf)
  • --BFG2704 (damage nerf)
  • --BFG10K (direct damage nerf, first BFG effect nerfed)
Some projectile weapons have had their random damage scale and base damage altered:
  • -Blaster: from 5d8 to 7d3
  • -Prox launcher: from 18d8 + splash and debris to 12d12 + splash and debris
  • =Ionripper: from 12d8 to 10d10
  • =Nailgun and Perforator: from 6d8 to 7d5
  • =Super nailgun: from 10d8 to 20d3
  • =Phalanx: from 14d8 + AoE to 12d10 + AoE
  • =Destructor: from 15d8 + AoE to 12d12 + AoE
  • +GL: from 19d8 + splash and debris to 14d12 + splash and debris
  • +RL: from 22d8 + splash and debris to 20d10 + splash and debris
  • ++MRL: from 27d8 + splash and debris x 5 to 24d10 + splash and debris x 5
  • ++Unmaker: from 55d8 ripping to 55d10 ripping (ball) and 25d8 ripping to 25d10 ripping (wraiths)
  • Bullets: limits are now 300/600
  • Rifle rounds: limits are now 125/250
  • Cells: limits are now 350/700
  • -BFG guy: direct damage reduced further to 20d5
  • /Heavy Nailborg: dynamic lights added...URGH I've got the worst habit of putting in new shit and forgetting the lights!
  • /Plasma rifle guy: his gun didn't make a sound when it fired. Fixed.
  • *Haste Sphere: added to blursphere spawner. Couldn't keep it yellow because then it'd look too much like a Double Damage...so it's pink. Yes, pink.
  • /Ammosphere: recolored orange with a light to match, more orange-y screen tint
  • /Regensphere: recolored purple with a light to match, more purple-y screen tint
  • /Light amp visor: light fixed to flicker green instead of red
  • /Gigasphere: Modded light to be a darker red
  • -Credits updated
  • -Grenade casings added- grenade launcher, MGL, prox launcher and grenade guy shed them
  • -Grenade round pickups now match their casings
  • -All casings now use DoomZone's casing flight behavior
  • -All nailguns have better casing spawn behavior
  • -"I Am A Wimp" difficulty further modified...that's the one I just can't get right...
  • -Per Kristian Risvik's high-quality DOOM sound effects added
  • -New color palette taken and modified from ZP_ZEROT.wad:
    • -Blues are more brilliant, especially lighter blues
    • -Some reds are more intense, with the light reds replaced by-and-large by yellows and oranges
    • -Greens and yellows are stock DOOM palette- the ones that came with the new palette were too garish. Bright greens + DOOM = no bueno.
    • -Bullet- and shell-firing weapons' muzzle flares look way better. To make it all congruent, some sprites for the machinegun and Quad Shotgun have been converted to bitmaps.
    • -Phalanx projectiles are now a bright reddish-orange. Its lights and scorch are recolored to match.
    • -Plasma rifle bolts are now much brighter and more vivid- lights modded to match
  • -Certain items that I didn't want to inherit the new colors have been converted to PNGs to preserve their original color. Neat trick, that...

If that weren't enough, I've also added a patch to run Doomzone with Ultimate Torment & Torture by Tormentor667, and updated the Doom Gaiden patch. You can grab all this stuff over in the Doom section.

Happy fragging!

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