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Update: 04/12/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.8! A lot of new changes are in store for you, details below:

  • Kill chirps have been added for Deathmatch and Co-Op modes. Killing an enemy player will reward you with an audible chirp, while killing an ally or yourself will punish you with a buzzer.
  • Flashlights have been attached to select weapons. Press the Zoom Scope key [Z] to toggle on/off. Be warned, though - your spotlight may alert nearby enemies!
    Affected weapons:
    • Assault Rifle
    • LAR
    • Pistol
    • Machine Pistol
    • SMG
    • PDW
    • Shotgun
    • Scattergun
    • Shredder SG
    • Inferno SG
    • LMG
    • Nailgun
  • Hardcore difficulty nerfed - Player now takes 100% damage from all sources instead of 125%.
  • Numerous GLDEFS fixes for monsters.
  • WASP has been added to Mercenary's loadout (Slot 0).
  • Suicide bomber added for Hardcore and Necro (Zombieman spawn). These adorable little guys will run straight for you, screaming with bomb in hand, and blow themselves up when they get close enough.
  • Catharsi added for Hardcore and Necro (Imp spawn). An imp with a rapid-fire fireball launcher, and every one of those balls hits like an Imp fireball.
  • Arc Rifle and Thunderbolt particle duration lessened.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Demolition to pick up sniper ammo boxes for no reason.
  • Weapon sound handling has been changed to no longer permit the dryfire sound to cancel out the fire sound.
  • Cybruiser added for Necro (Baron spawn). Like a Cyber Baron, but a lot more aggressive, and with a higher HP pool.
  • Afrit added for Necro (Hell Knight spawn). A flying Baron with command over hellfire.
  • Hell Knight spawn reworked for Necro. Now spawns Afrit and Pyro Demon instead of Hell Warriors.
  • Added Diabloist to Necro (Archvile replacement). A super aggressive Archvile with complete mastery of fire magic.
  • Revenant grenade damage nerfed for Hardcore.
  • Arachnophyte now has a secondary attack, spreadfire rockets. I wouldn't get too close to that cannon, if I were you.
  • Arachnophyte now has a chance to not trigger refire, even while its target is in sight. Otherwise, this happens:
  • Annihilator has a new color translation.
  • Fixed a bug with Shadows that made them look like Maggots for a few frames while strafing in Necro.

A few of the patches have also been updated to accomodate the new monsters. So if you've got your hands on the patches for ZPack, Knee-Deep in ZDoom, and Valiant, you'll need to grab the updates if you want to use Doomzone's new features with them.

A new patch has been released to run Doomzone with UAC Ultra. Nice little map pack, if I say so myself. Give it a run, if you enjoyed Darkening 2.

Oh, and I almost forgot! XTerra released a new version of QuakeStyle ZX, so be sure to grab it from the Doom Wads section as well.

See you next update! Happy fragging!

Update: 02/02/16

I dun goofed. Went and released four additions to Project: Doom Redux on YouTube, but embarassingly, forgot to upload the updated page here. The page has now been updated with redux pieces covering At Doom's Gate, The Healer Stalks, Demons on the Prey, and Sign of Evil. They should have been uploaded months ago...

My bad. Head over to the Project: Doom page to pick them up.

Update: 01/10/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.7! This update simply adds the ability to use your knife as a melee for one-handed weapons (pistols), for characters that have a knife melee weapon (excludes UAC Elite and Slipgater). Also, some code was added that the KDiZD patch needs to function correctly.

Additionally, the Knee-Deep in ZDoom patch has been updated, bringing some included monsters up to spec with Doomzone's formatting, as well as adding GLDEFS for the BruiderDemon.

Update: 01/07/16

New year, new content. I honestly don't understand the fascination of New Years, but whatever. New stuff to download!

Three new patches have been released for Doomzone compatibility. Head to the Doom Wads section to download compatibility patches for Valiant, ZPack, and Knee-Deep in ZDoom. That last one requires some modification of Knee-Deep in ZDoom itself, but don't worry, there are instructions included in the ZIP file. All you need is a text editor and WinRAR. Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.6a as well, featuring bug fixes to be run with the ZPack patch.

Do you wanna have a bad time? If you do, three new songs have been added to the MIDI section, featuring tunes from Undertale.

That's all this update, see you next time.

Update: 10/06/15

Music update! Today we've got some new redux pieces from Doom and Doom II, available in the Project: Doom section. There's also a cover from Ninja Gaiden 2, Sonic Clang (the artist), and a cover from Quake in the Midi section. Check 'em out!

Doomzone has also been updated to v1.4.6. This version includes the universal ammo replacing large ammo pickups in UV difficulties and above, some new sprites from CaptainJ, and a bug fix to the Arc Rifle. Since I added melee cancel, the Arc Rifle had a hard time trigger reloading. This should fix that issue. Grab it from the Doom Wads section.

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