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Update: 06/27/15

Pretty large update, today! Got three new songs available in the Midi section, including music from F-Zero, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Grab them while they're hot!

No, that's not it. I wouldn't call it a large update if I was only releasing three new songs. But, I do have some mod news to post today! Doom: Gaiden - Insertion has been updated to v1.2! This update addresses some concerns I've read since the mod's release last year. Below are the main changes to the mod:

  • Locked doors now open instantly instead of printing a message on screen and waiting one second before opening.
  • Lock messages truncated.
  • Scripted messages no longer overlap with each other.
  • Pistol fire delay greatly reduced.
  • Optional fully automatic weapon mod included (Automod).
  • New soundtrack - MAP01-03 themes replaced with new songs.

The points that I'd like to point out are the Automod and soundtrack. Automod is what it sounds: It causes your weapons to act more like they would in classic Doom. That is to say, you can hold down the trigger and continue firing, rather than having to click every time. There are some who enjoy the semi-automatic nature of the weapons from the original release, and some who prefer classic behavior. Releasing an optional module to address criticism from both sides seemed to be the most appropriate thing to do. Automod is provided in the Gaiden.zip package.

And yes, you read that right. New music for the mod! The songs from Project: Doom have been thrown out, and replaced with brand new redux versions of the same songs. These songs are also available for download from the Project: Doom section of the site.

And the news doesn't stop there. Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.4, and the patch to run it with Doom: Gaiden has also been updated. These updates were made due to a bug in Doom: Gaiden when running Doomzone, where the exit may fail to open due to some actors not calling A_KillMaster when gibbed. These updates should address that problem. As always, if you find any more bugs, please send your reports my way!

It's been one hell of a long run, and I'm looking forward to beginning work on the second episode to Doom: Gaiden - Infiltration. See you next update!

Update: 06/20/15

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.3! This update fixes a major issue when using the "Actors Are Infinitely Tall" compatibility option in G/ZDoom, which would create movement inhibiting spawners. On top of this, the mod now features glowing flats, which will continue to be updated as new mods become available.

This update also changes the behavior of the Rifleman's cloak ability. Instead of standing stationary for five seconds, you are now able to activate the ability by crouching. Moving while crouched will not disable the cloak, but taking damage and moving while standing will disable the cloak.

With that out of the way, there are now two additional compatibility patches for Doomzone - Threshhold of Pain, which standardizes the monster format to Doomzone's and replaces the Unmaker spawns with the exotic spawners, and Jenesis, which prevents the final boss from being replaced by the sentry drone.

Grab the update and the patches from the Doom Wads section.

Update: 06/15/15

XTerra brings us another new update to QuakeStyle ZX! This update features several new weapons and a host of new enemies for your killing pleasure, while also fixing a whole host of bugs from the original mod. Grab it now from the Doom Wads section!

Update: 05/28/15

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.2. This update contains a major bug fix for the Rifleman, which removes an exploit that allowed the player to run around with his auto cloak when it's supposed to disable. The update also includes some new sprites for the WASP by CaptainJ, which previously slipped under my radar. I totally would have used them had I known prior that they existed!

Please continue to report any bugs or issues that may be present in the mod. And as always, grab the update in the Doom Wads section.

Update: 05/13/15

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.1. This minor update includes a bug fix for the Heavy, causing his pawn to jump to an invalid state while underwater, as well as replacing some sounds for the StA-11/SE and VC1.

But on a larger note, XTerra1 has submitted a new update to QuakeStyle ZX! The update includes some sound changes and slight weapon rebalancing. Check it out in the Doom Wads section!

Have fun!

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