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News: 03/2/18

Zagemod v1.3.1 is out. While primarily a bugfix release, the new update features a new weapon for ZoraGal, and a new altfire for QuakeGuy's Axe. Grab it from the Doom Wads section!

News: 02/13/19

Zagemod v1.3 is finally released! This new update features three new classes: MarineGuy from Doom 3, SlayerGuy from Doom 2016, and QuakeGuy from... Well... Quake! Head over to the Doom Wads section for the download.

News: 02/10/19

XTerra and That Blind Guy have released new updates to QuakeStyle ZX and QuakeStyle Unbound! These are some rather hefty updates, so be sure to read the changelogs for both of these releases!

You can find the downloads for these mods in the Doom Wads section.

News: 12/15/17

Zagemod v1.2.2 is now out, and just in time for Christmas. The newest update includes two new weapons for the 64-Guy class, and a brand new player class, the ZoraGal! As always, the changelog can be viewed here. Check it out!

News: 10/31/18

Zagemod v1.2 has been released! The mod now features two player classes, the 64-Guy and AlphaGuy! Check out the changelog here. Download, as always, is in the Doom Wads section.

Happy Halloween!

News: 08/20/18

Zagemod v1.1, QuakeStyle ZX v6.66, and QuakeStyle Unbound v1.2 have all been released! There have been a ton of changes to each of the three mods, so I'll just post a few links to the changelogs here. Get your ass over to the Doom Wads section and download the updates!

News: 05/28/18

Big news today, everyone! I've released my next new project, Zagemod v1.0! Now, I know what you're thinking: "Keep that to yourself, or I'm calling the cops." Well, I'll tell you what it is anyway, rap sheet be damned.

Zagemod, based on the Doomzone code base, is a general enhancement mod for Ultimate Doom and Doom II, updating the classic gameplay with new altfires, sounds, sprites, features, and more! So if you're looking for something new to spice up your vanilla experience, give Zagemod a shot. You can find it in the Doom Wads section.

Happy fragging!

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